Installation tipps

To build this application you need the following prerequisits:

Fedora 11:

For Fedora 11 the following line installs the necessary development packages:
yum install boost-devel qt-devel kdebase-devel taglib-devel libmusicbrainz3-devel

Kubuntu 9.10/10.4:

# Build environment
sudo apt-get install cmake g++ gettext
# Used libraries
sudo apt-get install libboost-dev libboost-serialization-dev libqt4-dev kdelibs5-dev libtag1-dev libmusicbrainz3-dev

Suse 11.2:

sudo zypper install boost-devel qt-devel libkde5-devel taglib-devel libmusicbrainz3-devel

I just tested it on Kubuntu 9.10,10.04 / Fedora 11 / Suse 11.2 (all 32 bit)
You do need a working c++ development environment, e.g. for Fedora
yum install gcc gcc-c++ cmake subversion gettext
cd texel
# replace /usr with the KDE4 install prefix
make install

Important note:

The current state of the package is 'experimental': Many features work, but typically not complete (options are not completely wired, sometimes wrong behaviour, cause longer not tested). But: The base system of scanning MP3 files (no others are really supported yet)

and writing them bag is robust as has not yet failed. All options for keeping and securing file before removeing them are working.

Do optimized builds

If you want to use the duplicate detection with a larger fileset it will be wise
to compile optimized. Currently this is done by editing the file src/CMakeLists.txt
and alter the line
add_definitions( ${KDE4_DEFINITIONS} -fexceptions -g -UQT_NO_DEBUG -O0)
add_definitions( ${KDE4_DEFINITIONS} -fexceptions -g -UQT_NO_DEBUG -O3)