Build-in player

Texel features an build in player. It is not intended to replace a standalone player like amarok ; its just for having a listen into the songs to check quality or edition (e.g. live recording?). Therefore its just very minimalistic and features only the most important functions. It is based on the KDE buildin multimedia library phonon.

Toolbar buttons

The toolbar contains three buttons steering the player, a volume slider and a position slider. The buttons provide the following actions:


When you press on play the player start playing the current playlist. If the list is empty the currently selected files are added to the playlist an then replay starts. A second press pauses the replay. A long press (>200 ms) clears the current paylist and replaces it with the current selection. The first song starts to play.


Stop” stops the current replay. A new click on “Play” start playing the next song in th playlist, if any. A long press on the Stop button stops the current replay and clears the playlist.


A press on this button enqueues the currently selected tracks. It does not start replay. A long press on the button opens the playlist. You can move items around in the playlist by drag and drop to change the play order. The playlist offers four buttons: Button Clear clear the complete playlist, Remove removes the currently selected tracks from the playlist (if the currently played title is removed replay continues). Playlist ... saves the current playlist as m3u list. Close closes the playist again. You can also close it by clicking somewhere else in the application. A double click on the a track starts playing it. It continues than with the next song in the list.

Startig playing anew song is indicated by using the KDE notification mechanism. A notification window appears which shows the currently played song.


Two sliders are provided, one to select the current position within the played track and one to change the replay volume.

Other information

The second label from the right in the statusbar offers more information about the currently played song. When a song is played it displayed the current position in the song (in miutes and seconds). A click onto the label changes the display to the leftover time of the current song. The tooltip offers the name of the currently played song.