Docks provide additional information typically to the currently chosen track and can be layout out around the main view. You can open several docks at the same time and organize them as you like. Texel stored information about open docks upon close and restored the docks on the next start. Docks may be moved around the screen. Its also possible to stack docks.

To open or close the docks you find in the windows menu the submenu docks. It lists available docks. Clicking on such a dock toggles the availability of the dock on the screen.

Tag details dock

This dock provides an overview about the current tracks tag attributes. It offers you three pages, where the first page - labeled general - shows the same information that is available in the spreadsheet columns but in a more compact form. So you don't have to scroll when you want to view the details.

The two other pages give access to the tag extension attributes. One page summarises image and lyrics information the other show all additional text attributes. You can alter all of these attributes in the dock.

Editing images

The upper part of the artwork page is dedicated to image editing.

Duplicate helper

The duplicate helper dock shows for a track all found possible duplicates. To make it work a duplicate detection run must be done first. The dock provides duplicate information to the currently edited row.


Its possible to apply filters to the show duplicates. The filter shall detect unwanted duplicates which do either have the wrong music file format, the wrong quality or reside in the wrong directories. You may for instance filter an complete directory to that elements found there as duplicate can be safely kept. Elements which are filtered out show up in a light grey.

To install a filter use the button Filter. It acts as a menu. When opening this menu you can choose Formats to choose formats which shall not be filtered out. Thus, checked formats will be displayed in black. The same is for quality. The quality is categorized in three categories ranging from low to high quality. This categorization shall make the filter independend from concerete file formats. Checked qualities will be displayed back. Additional you can limit the acceptable tracks to stereo only. When you add directories only files which reside in one of these directories succeed filtering and are shown in black. When no directory is chosen all directories pass the filter. In the same menu a subdirectory remove is available which is poulated with the defined directories. Chosing one of these directories will remove it from the filter.

Every potential duplicate has a header where the following actions can be executed:

  • Mark for later deletion. When saved to disk the entry is removed.

  • Play song directly from the duplicate menu. You can stop playing with the usual player toolbar buttons or menu items (see player).

  • Copy available meta information from the potential duplicate to the current chosen track. Only information which is not available in the destination track is copied. The merging process is currently limited to the defined common attributes only.

The dock adapts itself to both vertical or horizontal layout.