Technical information

Supported music file formats

Texel uses the taglib to retrieve meta tags from the audio files. It supportes all formats taglib does. However, generally Texel is limited to the basic subset of tag information common to all meta formats. Just for the ID3V2 tags additionally the CD number attribute is supported - and in future probably also the image tag. Non supported field in the spreadsheets are not selectable and editable. In the statusbar the audio format of the current tag is displayed. If you wonder why a field is unusable check there.

Table 1.1. Supported combinations of audio and meta tag formats

Audio formatMeta tag formatRemark
MP3ID3V1Please note that ID3V1 tags are always converted to ID3V2 tags.
MP3ID3V2This is the best supported format. Additionally to the basic set of data the CD# and rating of the track is supported in the track view. Cover images are supported as well as the extended attriutes of the ID3V2 tag.
MP4 Typical iTunes format. As this format is not well documented and information is only available by reverseenginering the existing files not all supported features are really working in all other applications. Texel supports a cover image and several extended attributes. Directly in the track table CD# is supported. Rating is supported by the application but can't be read and written by the used taglib meta tag library.
FLAC Untested
MPC Untested
WavPACK Untested
TrueAudioID3V2Untested. Just basic support possible, even though ID3V2 tag is used.
RIFF/AIFF Untested
RIFF/WAV Untested

When the tag format field is empty just the common tags attributes can be accessed. The internal format is unknown to the application.