Chapter 3. Advanced topics


Introduction to phrases

Phrases are Texel's idea of persisting formulars of several cells to store them for repeated, quick access. A phrase has a name (by which it is shown in the Phrase menu), an optional hotkey for quick execution and it contains formulars for the different editable cells. When for a cell a formular is stored the phrase does execte the formular on the cell upon activation. As all formulars from a phrase are used conjunctionally on a tag the meta tag can be completely reformatted. Phrases can be used to rename filenames, copy files or change metatags upon te filename. To create a phrase engineer the necessary formulars for one tag. Select the cells from which formulars should be taken to the phrase. Right click and you will see in the popup menu "Selection ..." an entry "Create phrase". This entry will only appear when just cell of a single row are selected. When you click this entry the phrase manager window will open and a new entry appears there. It contains already the seleced formulars. You must just add a name and an hotkey for activation.